KEYNOTE SPEAKER - 10.30 to 11.15


As a business owner or manager you spend some of your time understanding how your business is performing. You look at income and expenditure, profit and loss and work on increasing one whilst controlling or reducing the other.

If you employ sales people you set targets and track their performance against those targets.

You may have even paid a substantial sum of money for your website. But do you pay any attention to the impact [positive and negative] that they are having on the business? I frequently have conversations with businesses who have no clue how their websites are performing

This keynote will help you to

  • Understand how effective your website really is
  • Understand how many people visit your website
  • Understand how they found your website
  • Understand how long they stay and which pages they look at
  • Improve your Return on Investment by ensuring people take the action YOU want them to take
  • Find out what Google really thinks of your website
  • Keep your site secure from security threats and hacking


Andy has been professionally involved with web development, ecommerce and digital marketing since 1995. He started to take a healthy interest in search engines in 1999 – and hasn’t stopped learning about the ever-changing requirements since.

Andy joined Linkedin in 2005, Facebook in 2007 and Twitter in 2008 and it was in 2008 that he started helping businesses make the most of the opportunities presented by Social Media.

He’s helped thousands of businesses embrace digital marketing opportunities presented by the internet and World Wide Web and also keeps his ear to the (virtual) ground, constantly listening and looking for new ways that businesses can use the internet to differentiate themselves from their competition and to raise awareness and promote their products and services.

Andy also takes an active interest in online security too, understanding the threat from hackers and viruses, phishing, suspicious emails, ransomware and all the other threats out there. The goal being to mitigate the risk and prevent businesses from loss (data and money) as a result of malicious internet activity.

Despite all the techie stuff, Andy’s focus is on user friendliness and
opportunities that really benefit clients. He helps them understand the
challenges and threats that these marketing routes present, working with
them to ensure that clients gain maximum benefit from their investment of
time and money.

Andy is also an Innovation Specialist, working with Business West to help
innovative companies to grow as part of the Innovate2Succeed programme,
delivering up