WORKSHOP 4 - 13.35 to 14.15

CUSTOMER DATA, DIGITAL AND YOU! - A Digital Corsham workshop

Your customer’s data and what you do with it, is a hot topic and as every business and organisation prepares for the compulsory implementation of GDPR in May, it’s a good time to take stock.

Digital Corsham is holding a free workshop at the Corsham Business Show to involve local businesses in making the Corsham area a centre of excellence for all things digital.

What are your experiences in implementing GDPR in your business?
What would help your business become more digital?
Do you know what your customers think about you holding their data?

Come and share your knowledge with other local businesses about digital excellence, hear about our new project in Corsham about Data and Rights, and how we’re developing a network of Digital Champions to help others in the local community.

Digital Corsham is an initiative from the Corsham Institute (Ci), which is based at Hartham Park. Digital Corsham develops local projects with local people to make Corsham a digital centre of excellence.

The workshop will be facilitated by Martin Head who is Ci’s Programme Director for Digital Corsham and for their work in Communities.



Corsham Institute (Ci) is a not-for-profit organisation whose vision is for a fair, inclusive, prosperous and creative society based on trust and security.

Ci focuses on education and research, going beyond traditional ideas of knowledge to promote lifelong learning in the digital age. They empower citizens to develop the critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills they need to make the most of the opportunities our increasingly networked, connected and data-rich society provides. To do this they:

  • Build confident communities
  • Encourage individual responsibility
  • Advocate for change on behalf of the citizen
  • Provide a platform for new ways of learning
  • Actively seek out collaborative partnerships.