• 7th December 2017

Main Sponsor – Corsham Town Council

Main Sponsor – Corsham Town Council

Main Sponsor – Corsham Town Council 1024 683 Corsham Business Show

The Corsham Business Show are delighted to announce their first main event sponsor is Corsham Town Council.


Working to improve the economic, social and environmental well-being of Corsham is the Town Council, which exists to provide leadership through community governance and engagement in a democratic and representational way. Corsham Town Council manages its own facilities and services efficiently, effectively and responsibly, at an affordable cost. Where facilities and services are provided by others, the Town Council seeks to influence how they are managed, in accordance with the desires and ambitions of the community.

The 20 Town Councillors who make up the Town Council have a vision that Corsham will become ‘a place where people want to be’, both as somewhere to live, somewhere to visit and somewhere to work. That vision was formulated into a five-year long Strategic Plan and has six key themes, including Managed Development, Destination Corsham, Safe and Healthy Community – and Open to Business.

Open to Business is about making the most of the broad spectrum of employment opportunities that Corsham has to offer, and gaining an understanding of what existing and potential businesses and employees are looking for. Working alongside Corsham Chamber of Commerce to initiate networking events within the parish, the Town Council has been delighted to support the Corsham Business Show since its inception – and will continue to do so.

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